oil-diffuserDiffusers are trending. Aromatherapy seems to be getting more attention than ever before. It’s an old idea that has finally caught on with more of a mainstream audience.

A great way to get the best from aromatherapy is by using essential oils in a diffuser. A diffuser creates a vapor that is discharged into the air carrying the oils with it. Different oils create different responses – relaxing, energizing, healing, for example.

A friend of mine works all day in local house cleaning stoney creek and he uses a diffuser at night when he sleeps to help clear his lungs. He puts a few drops of rosemary, lemon, or eucalyptus oil – depending on his mood, in his diffuser. He swears by it, saying when he doesn’t use it, he wakes up feeling anchored to yesterday’s blacktop.

Aromatherapy has been around since ancient Rome. Private and public baths were infused with scents to calm, relax and enhance the user’s experience. Scrolls from ancient Greece refer to the use of plant scents in aiding the sick and dying as well as the strong and healthy.

The practical sides to using a diffuser can add up. Diffuse with these few things in mind.

Stay Healthy
With the cooler months ahead we shut our windows and doors to stay warm. The house gets stuffy and the air gets stale. When we go out we bring back unwanted germs to circulate in our homes ready to take up residence as the flu or a cold.

Essential oils like tea tree, sage, grapefruit, lemon, thyme and/or rosemary are anti-microbial and when infused into the air as a vapor form they come into direct contact with air-borne pathogens.

The diffuser acts as a vaporizer helping to keep your airways moist and even less inviting for germs move in. The oils take them down before they can take up residence in the body. The additional bonus is, that being freer of air-borne illnesses strengthens the immune system.

Chill Out
If you wanted to create a calm atmosphere in a busy office. Five or 6 drops of lavender essential oil diluted in the diffuser’s reservoir of water would aid in getting that effect.

Run a daycare center? Think chamomile, lavender and/or clary sage to set an energy level. It adds a subtle change in the room. Some might not notice, or even smell the oils, but the subtly actually works in its favor. After all, organic essential oils are sold in very concentrated forms. This makes for a strong scent, so just 4- 6 drops works great.

Clear Thinking
Who doesn’t want clear thinking? – well, if it’s a Friday night and there’s a designated driver . . ., but that’s another conversation all together. Being on top of your game mentally, affects every part of your well-being. Essential oils diffused into the room can help you focus.

I put a few drops of peppermint, pine, lemon and/or eucalyptus in my diffuser at the start of a busy desk day. I get a reassuring sense of support from the scent I’ve chosen for the day along with feeling energized.

Essential oils work with us. By nature, they are adaptogenic and are adaptable to our needs. Most oils can act to soothe us if stressed and can be an energizer when we need a bit of a boost.

There are hundreds of reasons to use essential oils and just as many for using them with diffusers. Look into the possibilities of making your winter months more enjoyable as you spend more time indoors. Feel healthier, more rested and alert, then let me know what you think. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.