In an election year, trends are a bit more precarious. They aren’t always built on solid ground since the ground shifts from week to week. I believe the underlying purpose of a trend is to give us comfort. Trends tell us that there are other things going on besides the overstated obvious. They let us know that we still have the control to follow a whim if we wish, and life is good no matter what happens. Trends are our friends.

So let’s take comfort (there’s that word again) in knowing that we have our fashion, food and a wide variety of favorite trends firmly in tact at our beckon call. Over the years, trends come and go and may only last a few months. Like calling in the local moving service Brantford ON to help you move away from old trends, or you can keep a desirable trend with updates and modifications for special seasons.

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The times they are a’changin’. A new era is descending upon the United States and no doubt it will ripple around the world. The American people have said we are fed up with the power hungry and money grabbing politicians running the show. We want to be our own voice again. With hope and trepidation, we voted a man into office that says he will listen and act as our voice. Time will tell.

It’s the morning after the Presidential election and it would be hard to ignore. It’s been a long time in coming. I really don’t want to be one more source of irritation to those whose candidate lost. I’m sure with any more input we would have to call in Niagara short term rental management services to clean up all the creative opinions swarming around. But the whole upheaval has shed light on other areas of concern for a better country and a better world.

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feeding-the-poorEvery generation is faced with new problems. The good news is, that with every generation there also come solutions. My friend, Jackson who owns and operates a successful wedding catering company, donates a variety of supplies to a local homeless shelter.

He keeps the pantry at the shelter very well stocked. He is determined to only supply organic, non-GMO, fair trade food. I really applaud Jackson for putting out the extra cash, it’s about two-thirds higher in costs, but he tells me he sees it as supporting two causes at once.

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oil-diffuserDiffusers are trending. Aromatherapy seems to be getting more attention than ever before. It’s an old idea that has finally caught on with more of a mainstream audience.

A great way to get the best from aromatherapy is by using essential oils in a diffuser. A diffuser creates a vapor that is discharged into the air carrying the oils with it. Different oils create different responses – relaxing, energizing, healing, for example.

A friend of mine works all day in local house cleaning stoney creek and he uses a diffuser at night when he sleeps to help clear his lungs. He puts a few drops of rosemary, lemon, or eucalyptus oil – depending on his mood, in his diffuser. He swears by it, saying when he doesn’t use it, he wakes up feeling anchored to yesterday’s blacktop.

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